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Trust and Company

VIP-Hospitality Sportainment GmbH is an International sports and event agency, with the head office in Munich, and an office in Monheim. It was founded in 2007 by business manager DANIEL NIEPMANN who has studied business administration at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Monheim. Already during his studies Daniel Niepmann came up with the idea of an event agency that would focus on VIP-Hospitality marketing which he finally turned into reality. Inspired by the Football World Cup 2006 in Germany, he was able to make quite a few new contacts and gained knowledge within the VIP-Hospitality area which finally helped him to establish good VIP hospitality services on the market.

Since 2011 Daniel Niepmann has been serving business and private clients together with his VIP-team at all national and international sport and entertainment events. Until the end of May 2012 DANIEL NIEPMANN ran his own hospitality lounge „Anno 1907“ at „Rot-Weiss Essen“ in the heart of Germany’s „Ruhrgebiet“ which was also used as an event-location.

Inspired by the belief that networking is based on shared experiences and emotions, VIP-HOSPITALITY works with the full commitment to work, speeding a lot of quality time with their clients.

V-ERTRAUEN (trust), I-NDIVIDUALITÄT (individualism) & P-ROFESSIONALITÄT (professionalism)

„Providing you with tickets is one thing, but to turn an event into an unforgettable experience is a challenge. The requests for individual events steadily grow”, Daniel Niepmann remarks.

Thanks to quite a few national and international cooperations and suppliers, VIP-HOSPITALITY is your reliable partner for all sport and cultural events. Whether you are interested in regular or business seat tickets for the Football Finals, VIP experience in the best view Boxes at the stadiums or a trip to the film festival of Cannes – anything goes.

VIP-HOSPITALITY works 24/7 for your unforgettable experiences.

V-ERTRAUEN (trust), I-NDIVIDUALITÄT (individualism) & P-ROFESSIONALITÄT (professionalism)

Business segments

Marketing – VIP-Hospitality covers the whole range of sports law marketing. Our portfolio comprises Stadium Advertising, Jersey Sponsoring, as well as individual Hospitality Programs.

Sport – Sport is a mixture of emotion and adrenaline which connects people all around the world. Let VIP-Hospitality take you to the most exciting sport highlights in the most beautiful places of the world. We will organize your travel from A-Z. Next to VIP-tickets we also offer regular tickets to all national and international sport events.

Entertainment – Planning a visit to a concert or searching for exclusive tickets to the Opera or any Award Show? Having problems with sold out tickets? No problem for VIP-Hospitality. Whether VIP or regular tickets, we do our very best to fulfill your dreams.

Events – Apart from tickets, VIP-Hospitality also organizes your individual Business Event in combination with a sport or cultural highlight at a unique venue (e.g. at the European Championship in France 2016).

Incentives VIP-Hospitality also organizes individual Incentives for business clients. Whether you are interested in a team training, guest lectures etc., we do our best to meet your demands with 100% professionalism (e.g. conference in one of the VIP-Lounges of FC Bayern Munich at the Allianz-Arena).

Arrangements – Apart from a ticket VIP-Hospitality also offers the whole VIP-arrangement including a stay at a hotel and special activities. Along with the arrangements offered on our website we also organize your individual package. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our work

The consultation adapted to your requirements is our absolute priority and we always do it with a smile. A good relationship with all our customers is crucial for us. We will show you first what we can and know at the end what exactly you are looking for.

By providing the best possible service ov er and over again, The VIP-Hospitality-Team enjoys its work more and more every day.

We hope you enjoy working with us, and we are here to support you.

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